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Trimdek 0.42mm

Trimdek 0.42mm

$17.30 LM

Trimdek (aka Superdek, Monoclad, Trimclad, 5 Rib) cover 762mm after the overlap.

Sheets will be cut to the length you require and charged at the rate of the sheet per linear metre, minimum length is 1.2m

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The trapezoid profile of Trimdek roofing, walling and fence cladding endows a high tensile sheet strength. It is suitable for domestic and low cost industrial cladding.

Trimdek has a 28mm rib height that allows for long spans and delivers outstanding water carrying ability. Installers recommend Trimdek because its pierce fixed installation is fast and easy. Its lightweight, rigid design allows purlins to be widely spaced, making Trimdek a very economical and efficient material to use.

Trimdek has a trapezoidal profile with an anti-capillary rib on the under-lap, which provides weather tightness and the ability to perform well at low roof pitches. This design feature makes Trimdek the prime roofing and walling choice for many medium sized commercial projects. Trimdek is also ideal for fencing, where its bold rib shape provides an attractive appearance.

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