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Structural Steel

Structural Steel

KC’s Building Products offers a wide range of Steel Battens, whether for roof, ceiling or wall applications.

These are available in standard 0.55mm and 0.75mm gauge for cyclonic areas.

Standard Roof Batten

  • 0.55mm BMT G550 40mm high

Cyclonic Roof Batten

  • 0.75mm BMT G550 40mm high

The advantages of choosing Steel Battens over timber are:

  • Lightweight with the strength of steel
  • Simple to use, cost-effective roof battens for metal roofed houses
  • Straight & true
  • Termite & Bora proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Durable & rot free
  • Suitable for various installation applications
  • Strong and Stable material – less prone to shrinkage

Steel Roof Battens are a versatile and easy to use batten, compatible with all roof claddings. Made from quality steel, Steel Metal Roof Battens won’t shrink, warp, or rot and are strong and long lasting.

Therefore, we suggest you analyse steel roof battens before buying any battens. Steel roof battens are available in standard and made to order lengths. In conclusion, KC’s Building Products specialise with the best service, professional advice and product range. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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