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21st Century Kit Homes

Insulated panel kit homes are the latest in prefabricated kit homes. The panels used to create these 21st century kit homes are manufactured with two skins of pre painted galvanized steel, which are bonded to an insulated core of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that is fire retardant treated. Other skin material can be used for specific purposes.

“Achieve a modern design finish with speed and affordability”

Insulated panel homes specially coated BlueScope steel shell provides a flat surface, ready for rendering externally and painting or tiling internally, showcasing insulated panel kit homes potential for a perfectly flush finish.

Insulated panel roofing offers designers and builders long spanning wide open spaces, pre-finished with an attractive pre-painted ceiling along with a modern palette of Colorbond® roof colours.

Insulated panels form a complete thermal shell to protect the home from cold or hot weather and offer a new level of sustainable and energy efficient housing.

The insulated panel system offers residential designers and architects the chance to be more energy and environmentally conscious. Its flat steel panel shell enables ease of rendering externally and painting internally, resulting in a house that looks like any other modern house in the street.

The secrets of the panel design and associated cost savings through construction and beyond, are ‘hidden’ from view but are enjoyed by the home owner and resident for the life of the home.

Australian homes have been designed and built basically the same way for many years. The need to protect our environment and to conserve energy has become the catalyst  for revolutionary change. Insulated panel homes are the next step towards zero energy housing offering a designer friendly system that is Quicker, Leaner, Smarter and Greener.

The Designer.

“Designed for today, while considering tomorrow’s needs.”

Some of the benefits to the designer include:

•     The freedom to design homes without limitations, and the opportunity to create significant construction  cost savings by using the modular benefits of panel.

•     The ability to design homes that are much quicker to build yet more suitable to Australian climatic conditions and life styles.
•     The development of a more energy conscious and environmentally friendly community.

•    Modern roof lines with long spans and open spaces that allow for dramatic design statements.

•    A fully insulated building shell with a single (panel) product.

•    A proven product that already meets Australian building standards and is ahead of the required star ratings.


“A New Dawn,A New beginning,Greater Opportunities”


Developers are under pressure from Government regulations and changing market trends to develop sustainable energy efficient communities. The insulated panel system was developed with a vision for our sustainable future and offers significant scope for developers to build a living community that will change with the needs of its members. Forward thinking developers are looking for a means to satisfy growing demand for sustainable living and to get ahead of the curve of developing market demand. Insulated panel homes provides a break through vehicle for Developers, it is simply Quicker, Leaner, Smarter and Greener.




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