Polycarbonate & Fibreglass One Shot Roof Screws – 100pcs

Polycarbonate & Fibreglass One Shot Roof Screws – 100pcs


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100 Pieces of 12×50/60mm One Shot Roof Screws


Help Your Polycarb or Fibreglass Sheet Perform Better.
Prevent your sheet from buckling due to changes in temperature by cutting an oversize hole in one action.

Save 50% Installation Time.
Unique blade cuts an oversize hole in the fibreglass or polycarbonate sheet, and it’s strengthened tip drills through the timber or steel baton all in one action. No pre-drilling required.

Easy Installation.
No more pre-drilling means installation is faster and easier. No extra expense of specialist tools and no extra effort changing tools.

Professional Finish.
Automatically centres the oversize holes to allow the sheet to expand and contract in both directions equally, for the most professional finish.

Additional information

Screw Size

50mm, 60mm

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