Fascia & Accessories

Fascia & Accessories

Fascia & Accessories is generally used on new houses/homes instead of timber fascia board. The advantage of Fascia is that it requires minimal maintenance, no painting and is more economical than timber fascia no question about that.

Fascia is the vertical edge for a roof, is what forms the outer surface of a roof and all the corners. This is what caps the end of your property’s rafters and often also holds any rain gutters. It serves as a connector from the roof and rafters to the soffit or eave.

Fascia board materials are generally low cost to buy, however, you can expect the cost to rise if you hire a gutter or roofing professional to install the boards. Your fascia board material price will largely depend on the type you choose. We will get into specific fascia board material costs later on, but we have seen fascia material prices range from $1 to $20 per linear foot.

We have in stock of wide range of fascia & accessories, which is perfect for adding the finishing touches to any and all kinds of roofing jobs. Our variety of products will give your roof a professional appearance, from ventilation and soffit joints and corners to attractive plastic headed nails.

Its very easy to manage and maintain, our full range of fascia & accessories can help enhance the look of any home or building.

Fascia boards can be found in a large number of colours, styles and sizes to suite most applications depends on your needs.Ventilation can be provided over the fascia or through the soffit.

In conclusion our quality fascia systems come in a variety of profiles and sizes and are designed to endure the harshest Australian weather.

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